West Coast bioregion recreational catch

Recreational catch of dhufish in West Coast bioregion (includes the south-west zone) was higher in 2015/16 (97-129 t) compared with 2013/14 (69-94 t).

Recreational catch Blue Swimmer Crabs in West Coast bioregion (includes the south-west zone) in 2015/16 (36-50 t) was similar to 2013/14 (50-68 t).

Calls for action

  • Adhere to fishing limits
  • Catch only what you need not what you can

Case Studies

Data Source

  • Ryan, K.L., Hall, N.G., Lai, E.K., Smallwood, C.B., Taylor, S.M. and Wise, B.S. 2017. Statewide survey of boat-based recreational fishing in Western Australia 2015/16. Fisheries Research Report No. 287. Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, WA. 


Please note that the West Coast region is larger than the South West Zone