Marine Parks

The South West NRM region is home to 2 of the 17 marine parks in Western Australia (including the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park and the Ngari Capes Marine Parks) protecting scenic and biologically important areas of ocean and coastline (usually to high water mark) cover a total area of 1142 and 123,790 hectares respectively.

Ngari Capes Marine Parks

The South West capes area is one of the most diverse temperate marine environments in Australia. Warm, tropical waters of the Leeuwin Current mingle with the cool waters of the Capes Current, resulting in high finfish diversity, including tropical and temperate species, as well as internationally significant seagrass diversity with seagrasses occurring at depths greater than 40 metres. (DEC,2013)

Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park

The tranquil waters of the marine park are surrounded by undulating hills and eucalypt forest, support seagrasses and algae, a diverse benthic fauna, at least 40 marine and estuarine fish species and a variety of waterbirds, seabirds and shorebirds. The marine park is geologically complex, forming an estuary consisting of two connected inlets that are permanently open to the sea. The inlet system is fed by the Frankland, Deep and Walpole rivers and is in relatively good condition compared to most other easily accessible estuaries in the region. Because the Walpole and Nornalup inlets are permanently open to the ocean and therefore have marine like conditions for most of the year, they are biologically diverse compared to other estuarine systems in southwest Western Australia. (DEC,2009)

Case Studies

Data Source

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