Land for Wildlife

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary conservation program to encourage and assist private landholders to provide habitat for wildlife on their property.

Within the SWCC Region, 1,516 properties are under Land for Wildlife covering a total of 26,364 hectares.

In May 2016, the Department of Parks and Wildlife entered a Partnership Agreement with South West Catchments Council to work together to provide biodiversity conservation support to Land for Wildlife members.

Landholder advantages:

Landholders who are signed up have access to professional advice such as:

  • how to integrate wildlife habitat with other uses of private land to the benefit of the landholder and wildlife
  • how to manage remnant bushland and wildlife on their properties
  • the ecological role and requirements of native plants and animals
  • how to include wildlife aspects into revegetation projects

Call to action:

Sign up for free by contacting [email protected]

Data Source

(i) Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions Land for Wildlife GIS records [Accessed March 2018].