Flora at risk

Western Australian flora is arguably some of the most unique in the world and has fascinated wildflower enthusiasts for generations. 78 flora species are threatened (DBCA, 2018) in the SWCC Region i.e: flora species which are declared as rare or likely to become extinct under the Wildlife Conservation Act 1950.

There are 13,903 vascular flora species* in WA and 30% (4,225) occur in the SWCC Region (Ala.org.au, 2018) . Of the 4225 plants species* (Ala.org.au, 2018) in the Region, 78 are listed as threatened, and two are extinct (DBCA, 2018).

Since 2001, species listed as threatened have increased by approximately 15% (from 68 to 78 being listed) and one species (Conospermum caeruleum subsp contorum) has become extinct in that timeframe (DBCA, 2018).

Threats to flora have historically been land clearing for agriculture.  More recent and ongoing threats include weed invasion, Phytophthora Dieback and other diseases, inappropriate

Calls to action:

  • Take only pictures. It is illegal to pick native flowers in bushland.
  • Conserve vegetation containing threatened flora.
  • Sign up for free to Land for Wildlife if you own a property and want to provide habitat for wildlife
  • Report sightings of threatened and priority flora by email to [email protected]
  • Seek appropriate permits with DBCA if taking or impacting threatened and priority flora.

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Data Source

DBCA., 2018. Threatened flora GIS records. DBCA Threatened Species Branch [Accessed Mar. 2018].

Ala.org.au. (2018). Atlas of Living Australia. [online] Available at: https://www.ala.org.au/ [Accessed 29 Mar. 2018].


Total vascular plants in the South West includes native and weed species and may not automatically include all threatened species as Atlas of Living Australia is a public geographic database.