Dams are vital to South West farmers for stock watering and irrigation.

Landholder environmental concern

South West farmers are most concerned about availability of water for agricultural purposes (31% of farmers), poor surface water in rivers and creek (29% of farmers) and poor-quality groundwater (28% of farmers), however by far the most commonly reported issue was introduced pest animals (78% of farmers).

The love of the land.

Landholder property values

Landholders in the South West are more motivated by ecological and environmental values of their property (41% of landholders) than economic values (only 8%). In addition, 24% of landholders ranked therapeutic value as most important for wellbeing and quality of life, while a further 16% ranked lifestyle attributes as most important.

Enjoying our beautiful natural environment is one of the reasons the South West is such a great place to live.

Sense of Place and Wellbeing

72.5% of South West NRM Region residents agree that this is a great place to live, 79.5% agree that they are proud to live in their local community, 71.4% agreed there was good community spirit and 78.8% thought their community had a bright future. Data Source University of Canberra, Centre for Research and Action on…

The Friends of Manea Park in Bunbury are bucking the trend in urban volunteering, holding regular volunteer activities in this beautiful urban reserve.

Urban Volunteering

Only 14% of urban residents were found to have participated in organised meetings or activities about environmental issues. Most commonly reported reasons for this is that residents believed they were too old, too busy or that they hadn’t heard about them.